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Getting calls from unknown number may annoy and it would be really helpful to know who’s calling. There are number of websites that assist you with this service and offer to find out the details of such calls. Reverse Cell Phone Lookup websites can help to collect details of name, age, and address from landline or cell phone numbers.

Some websites offer to provide this service free of cost while some are paid. But there are many scam websites that put in viruses or Trojans once visitors use their service. One has to be careful and make sure that this service is genuine. Let’s take a look at various options available to find anonymous callers.

Performing a reverse phone lookup, or looking up an unknown phone number is easier than most people think. You can perform a phone number lookup right on a secure database and find out almost instantly who is behind any suspicious phone number. Simply plug in the unknown number, and there you go, now you have instant results on who the mystery caller is. If you then want more information, such as where they live, how old they are, you can find that out also. Now that you have their name you can quickly find out more information by running a background search on them. This way, you’ll know everything about the person who has your number. So you won’t have to ask yourself “who’s calling me from this number” anymore.

I know a lot of people just ignore calls when they do not know the number. They think “well if it is important, they will leave a message.” But does that stop them from calling you over and over again everyday? I know it does not for me. Find out who has your number and what they are looking for without moving from the comfort of your couch. This way, you don’t have to wonder, or be annoyed by the unknown number calling you day after day. Find out who they are once and for all.

With the world of technology we live in, there is no excuse to not use all of the resources at your disposal. It is easier than ever to find out who someone is, who’s behind the phone number calling you, and more. Give yourself answers and keep your life simple. You won’t regret running a search on that number that won’t seem to leave you alone.

It’s actually easy to look up numbers and find out details about who is calling. By just typing ‘reverse cell phone lookup’ on Google you can get a list of such websites that offer this service. Some sites provide this service free of cost while some charge a nominal fee. You can compare the fees and opt a website that would be reasonable with the price.

Once you have selected the website type in the phone number. You will be provided the person’s name, street address and a link to a map showing directions. There are also options like advanced search which help you get more details or even unlisted information too. But these are paid options and would cost you.

It’s simple! Our site makes reverse lookup of a phone number an easy task. If you want to find out who called you type the number into the box above and click “search”. In a few moments you will know if our database contains any information about the phone number you’re interested in. If there are no entries, you may be the first one who would inform other users about it.

Who called? How to check the owner of a phone number? How to find out who called you? Those questions are one of the most popular thought when you see the incoming call on your device. That’s why we decide to gather all possible to check the hidden info about the phone number in one place. This article may help you trace the owner of the phone number.

Caller IdentifcationHere you should find out our tricks and tips to find out a person's name and other useful info based on their phone number. This tutorial could be very useful when you have a missed call from an unknown phone number and you would like to identify the caller. The best way to find out the owner of a telephone number and trace the caller is to combine all of below methods.

The easiest way to check out the phone number owner is simply to google it. The search engines data can contain a lot of useful information about the phone number. So the first step of tracking the caller info is to find as much searching info as you can get.

It's not easy to check an unknown phone number. However, it turns out, that there are websites in the network where you can check for free and in most cases successfully who called you. Usually, all you need to do is just enter the phone number that you are trying to look up and click on "Lookup" button. The lookup platform is using direct partnership with thousands of mobile companies worldwide, deep engine search and other tricks to find the accurate data You can use one of the following lookup platforms:,,

There also a few platforms that provide advanced info about the owner of the phone number. Those checking services usually are paid services. One of the most popular ones is The huge advantage of that platform is up-to-date info and the possibility to check the general location of the caller.

Dear user, your visit means that you that you’ve had a missed connection or were called from an unknown number. Our site will help you with finding information about unknown cell and stationary phone numbers. If there will be no information yet, your best option is to describe your story and ask other users about the phone number you are interested in. Somebody called you and you would like to know who it was? Our portal is the biggest site of this kind on the World market and is visited by over 200 000 people every month. So you’ve come to the right place. As a leader on the Polish market we aim to provide truthful and reliable information by constantly monitoring and moderating content of our site and insuring high quality of our service. As admins we are pleased that within just a few years our portal has become the most popular site of this kind in Poland. We invite you to search for the information about phone numbers and to share the information that you have. You can be both a user and a content provider of our service. Your knowledge may help others just like other’s knowledge might help you. Our search engine will also identify for you the network the number in question belongs to as well as the county and place you’ve been called from. It’s as easy as a reverse lookup of a number, all that you need is to press a few buttons.

We all have received phone calls from numbers we don’t recognize, and even when they show up on the iPhone caller ID and provide an area code or region they’re coming from that call can still be a mystery. Like many others, I’ve gotten in the habit of just ignoring phone calls from numbers I don’t recognize, letting Voice Mail sort out if the caller is actually something important or just a telemarketer. But what if they don’t leave a message?

If you use a cell phone, try this little trick. Log on to your cell phone web account that lists all the numbers that called your mobile phone. Blocked numbers often appear in these records unmasked. So, by checking the records against the exact time when you received the call from an unknown number, you may well see the number that appeared as Blocked on your Caller ID.

You can also try toll free number forwarding which allows to unblock blocked numbers via forwarding calls to a toll free number. The working trick here is that numbers cannot be masked when calling a toll free number. You can set the forwarding yourself by acquiring a cheap toll free number or you can use a service like TrapCall to do the job for you.

"Phone spoofing is the practice of causing the telephone network to display a number on the recipient's Caller ID that is not that of the actual originating station (sometimes the number may appear to be your own)." Wikipedia. This means that your phone has been hacked and you need to change it and take precautionary measures. A hacker could have broken into your cell phone account online or hacked the software of the cell phone provider to spoof your phone. You will need to change your phone, get a new number and account and keep it confidential. Also take the old phone to the police to check.

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You’ve missed a connection and you want to check who called you? Enter this phone number on our page and search our database of over million entries made by other internet users to find as much information about this number as the internet has to offer. Somebody called from an unknown phone number? Simple! Search our database for the information provided by our other users or post a question about a number you are interested in. Everybody who uses our service has the right to post information about a phone number or ask others about one.

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Recent Comments

  • +1-619-309-4438
    called and I hung up after they introduced themselves. then the same guys called from another number 619-822-1014
  • +1-423-737-4001
    I received an automated call at 12:51pm 03/07/2018 to my work cell phone. Message started out "This is an important call regarding your credit car...." I hung up immediately due to the phone is a work cell. When looked up says number belongs to Bobby Copeland in Bulls Gap TN.
  • +1-612-747-8746
    Said 1 press one to talk to a live operator, when did told them to remove my number and they said they could not.
  • +1-832-251-7354
    It was a Robocaller saying it was Julie Brown with the Internal Revenue Service and it said "This message is for you". I hung up after that.
  • +1-301-876-8670
    got call didn't get call in time, no message and I don't know anyone at the location I have found on the Internet.
  • +1-856-875-4624
    Scam telemarketer, American Solar. Me: What do you want Caller: Hello. I'm calling from American Solar Me: Get fucked Caller: hang up
  • +1-817-929-4171
    Calls frequently, rings 2 seconds & disconnects. When I call back, a recording says the mailbox is full and I cannot leave a message. Blocked.
  • +1-832-251-7354
    Claims to be IRS and leaving threatening message. Here is a quote from the official IRS website: "Any one of these five things is a tell-tale sign of a scam. The IRS will never: Call to demand immediate payment, nor will the agency call about taxes owed without first having mailed you a bill. Demand that you pay taxes without giving you the opportunity to question or appeal the amount they say you owe."
  • +1-808-448-7764
    This guy is a psycho and threatened me that he was gonna rape my girlfriend and stab me with a sharp knife. He sounds very local and sounds really crazy. Please be carefull. I still have the voicemail.
  • +1-206-226-2985
    Called offering credit card reduction. I let them know it was a business phone. He hung up in my face. I called back and the person who answered said they had not called.
  • +1-214-263-5155
    2 Calls in 2 Minutes, I answered but no one responded; first time they hung up, second time I hung up. Not sure if wrong number (twice) or testing the waters, but number is about to be blocked.
  • +1-812-373-6587
    SCAM. Phishing. Claimed to be a survey, but was fishing for information trying to learn who lived at this number. Pleasant-sounding voice to get you to lower your guard, but VERY pushy and invasive. Multiple complaints on other sites. BLOCKED.
  • +1-832-251-7354
    They called claiming I had evaded taxes and owed $94,000 and was looking at 5-7 years of jail time for 3 different felony counts.
  • +1-626-627-0733
    Spam sent text that they were busy no response to my text back or call. Called back trying get my info
  • +1-626-627-0733
    Just 1 text saying sorry I can't talk right now text and called to see who it was but no response whatsoever
  • +1-720-297-5700
    Another foreign scam, number spoofing pretend is business but NO speak English. Needs more practice...
  • +1-917-338-6438
    They said they were going to charge my credit card on file today 3/5/18 if I didn’t remove the Microsoft securty
  • +1-765-404-9104
    They call once per month, now 13 times. Once they left a message, which transscribed to "Lisa calling in regards to your credit card account. I'm not calling about any problems with your account the reason for the call is to let you know that you're now eligible for interest rates as low as 6% if you'd like to be transferred to a representative regarding your account press 9 now again press 9 now to speak with a representative."
  • +1-919-413-1060
    Received call from this number. Middle of the day. I didn't answer. They didn't leave a message.
  • +1-775-410-1206
    My father got a call from a David Banks at this number telling him that he had won a million dollars and a Mercedes Benz. I checked PCH website (Publishers Clearing House - which is who he said he represented) and they stated they do not call their winners. Then I found this website with this phone number that he gave my Dad. They are preying on seniors. Other post was correct. Get seniors an unlisted phone number ASAP!
  • +1-832-251-7354
    Scam. Please don't call back. I answered phone to recording threatening legal action and that I need to get an attorney to contact them back or "good luck on what will follow". DO NOT fall victim to this scam. Just block the number and move on. I want to report it in the hopes it prevents even one person from getting scammed out of personal information or money.
  • +1-713-298-7568
    Call and hung up, no message. Caller ID says this number belongs to Rickie Caldwell however when you lookup the number it shows it belongs to Archie Sabine.
  • +1-713-298-7568
    Call and hung up, no message. Caller ID says this number belongs to Rickie Caldwell however when you lookup the number it shows it belongs to Archie Sabine.
  • +1-608-697-4605
    Was a call stating regarding my inquiry for Medical insurance, however, I did not inquire for medical insurance what so ever. Voice was male and sounds like a real person going by script, asking questions of you, then says will transfer you to an insurance representative.
  • +1-773-294-7150
    This number does not belong to Susan median. This number has belonged to someone else since 2002. Please do not use this number to contact Susan medina.
  • +1-801-879-3571
    Caller left message calling me by my full name and said that he is a relative and to call him back but number is listed to another person with a different name.
  • +1-704-764-7975
    This guy called asking me to join some 2nd Amendment support group to stop background checks on permits. Told him I wasn't interested, and he threatened to "out me."
  • +1-203-545-1042
    Caller ID showed the name Mullin, Noelle. Did not leave any message. Most likely one of scammers looking for victims foreasy money.
  • +1-214-952-0527
    I keep getting calls from different phone numbers that have a recorded religious message playing on them. This number was the most recent attack.
  • +1-929-356-6154
    I want a refund. I was told you had all the information on 929-356-6154. You showed as I was paying, that you had a name and address as well as other information. That is the only number I wanted to look up. I want my 4.95 back and I am certainly not paying 19.95 a month when you can't get the only number I am looking for right
  • +1-818-219-8951
    Just a recorded message when I answered. I tried calling the number back to get my number removed but it went to voicemail as if it were a cellphone and not a business.
  • +1-850-628-3468
    I got a phone call, no voicemail, appears to be a scam call, Never heard of Stephanie Stone and do not know anyone in Crestview.
  • +1-513-207-7114
    I received a all from this number. They told me I won a trip of some sort. I get many calls that start with 207 like my number. They all seem to be scams.
  • +1-315-436-6132
    received phone call and when i answered no one responded. Then after 5 seconds the call was disconnected.
  • +1-516-510-6054
    This scam artist calls me repeatedly - sometimes with a message sometimes just hangs up. It has aggravated me to the point of violence - id smash his fingers if given the chance.
  • +1-508-524-2618
    They called and I pushed 1 to speak to someone and asked to get removed from their list and they said no and hung up on me
  • +1-630-875-7631
    Me: What do you want Caller: Hello Me: What do you want. It's illegal to telemarket to a cell phone Caller: We're not telemarketing. We're talking to homeowners today.... Me: I'm not a homeowner. It's illegal to telemarket to a cell phone Caller: hang up
  • +1-603-332-3936
    Pre recorded message...saying Lower your credit card interest. I just hung up...caller ID had a person's name and local number, so thought it was legit. Guess those Scammers will do anything to get you to answer the phone.
  • +1-252-262-3606
    I would like full name or address found by using license plate number and owners first name which is only info I have
  • +1-225-939-2333
    This Jacka—called my husbands COMPANY CELL PHONE NUMBER 10 times today. We asked multiple times for them to stop calling but they kept on doing it. Then they sent a message telling us if we called their number again that they were going to kick my husbands ass. We blocked the number and I showed the message they sent to the police. No Good POS
  • +1-615-400-1397
    scammer text messaged me and said we made a video once and then said the video might have leaked. when I responded... nothing. beware of this number. I feel it might be a ping or something super shady.
  • +1-615-478-6908
    Got a call from this number... left no message... probably a scammer... I just block them so they can't call again....
  • +1-240-286-9249
    Yes, I received several harassing texts-some sexual in nature. Claims to know me and has even given some accurate personal about me.
  • +1-856-981-8232
    Recorded call from Allison stating that warranty was expiring. The recording never tells you what warranty is expiring total scam call.
  • +1-973-715-0452
    Called twice in same day, caller id has a name so I answered. Robo call to reduce my credit card interest rate
  • +1-347-622-5776
    I received a call asked him to put me on your do not call list and he started yelling at me saying I don't even know why he's calling and this and that !
  • +1-317-289-8078
    Spam caller using spoof phone number similar to your own to get you to pick up. I've received 30-40 different last (4) digit numbers with all the first 6 the same 317-289 - XXXX but it all is coming from the same telemarketer.
  • +1-214-623-0647
    Caller claims to be from Capitol Courier, looking for person with my name in connection with pending court summons. Asks me to verify that the last 4 digits of my SSN are ****. Have received 4 similar calls. Posted response on Capitol Courier's Facebook page and got prompt response that they do not make such calls, had significant convo and was assured I'm being scammed.
  • +1-770-842-8116
    receive a call and did not answer it....have been getting many various calls made to my personel cell number which also starts with 770-842 suffix for many months now showing the provider as Verizon Wireless. This makes me think that something has gotten a hold to every cell number that starts with the area code 770 and suffix 842 by making bogus calls. There needs to be something done to stop this!
  • +1-773-727-3539
    Apple Inc came in as Envoron on caller id.. 4th call, different numbers.. scammer! They say that you cloud account has been compromised and you need to talk to a tech.
  • +1-610-559-9816
    Got a call from 610-559-9816 at 6:32 pm 2/28/18. Answering machine picked up. Once outgoing message was over, they hung up. Looked up name for number of who it belongs to and got above information...Amy Hewitt and address. I have now blocked this number.
  • +1-801-558-0479
    I received the call, and the call was dropped, but it did not go to voice mail. It was not a spam call.
  • +1-847-951-7890
    The recorded message said she was trying to help me with my inquiry into affordable health insurance. The voice asked me if I was looking for this. I said "no." The call hung up.
  • +1-360-459-8212
    Got text saying my Facebook was reported Your facebook account is reported for abuse, confirm your account here: It sent another text
  • +1-216-534-6531
    Keep getting calls from this number right after I get a phone call. Been going on for a few months. I never answer.
  • +1-618-645-1033
  • +1-512-921-7213
    1 512 921 7213 is NOT A NUMBER THAT SHOULD BE LISTED UNDER THE ADDRESS OF 4101 Caldwell Lane, Del Valle, Texas 78617. I ought to know I have lived here for 37+ years and this is not one of my phone numbers.
  • +1-619-994-2332
    Just got a call from “Cardholder Services” to lower my credit card interest rates. They spoofed the Verizon # of this innocent victim.
  • +1-864-238-2272
    Spam call about some sort of vacation thing. Receive this call several times a day and it’s frustrsting.
  • +1-210-857-5472
    Call to try and get me to put my computer on line. Say they are from TekPC and want to help me correct reported security problems with my computer. This is third call saying they are from TekPC. One other time they said they wanted to refund my money.
  • +1-847-204-5305
    recorded message about lowering interest rates on credit cards, then dial 9 for operator who then asked which credit card I would like to have lower interest. then I was asked for my cc number which I declined to provide. I asked who they were and stated my suspicions and was provided a long (approx. 3 minutes) answer which made me more suspicious. I then said I wasn't interested.
  • +1-509-496-2997
    This phone number belongs to Rebecca Lee Ahlers of Priest River 38 years old born on October 17th 1979
  • +1-419-349-5940
    I recieved a call at 8 pm from this number. Left a 9 second voicemail that said CALL MISSED. PRESS 2 NOW. with a girl robot voice.
  • +1-816-536-7843
    BEWARE: This man is on internet dating sites claiming to be an Executive with Sprint and head of their ERT (Emergency Response Team). He claims to be a Master Degree Mechanical Engineer and claims to manage 20 Sprint Emergency Response Teams. He claims to be moving to your city. When questioned, the story keeps changing and he cannot verify anything. He is currently using the name James Williams.
  • +1-916-345-6940
    They called me up it was automated at first but then I pushed one got to a customer service representative he told me that my credit card wasn't due as of yet to expire but at the end of the month it would be and they wanted to help me take care of it when I told him I didn't have a credit card he hung up on me when I tried to call the number back it was disconnected
  • +1-602-320-2621
    I keep getting calls from these rude bastards. They say they're calling about my credit card balance. I kept hanging up on the autodialer, but finally took the bait to talk to a live person to get them from continuing to harrass me, was transferred to "the next available representative," and I said, "Listen to me, this phone--" and was interrupted by "Shaddup" and he hung up. A call back got a busy signal.
  • +1-254-493-3899
    Got a call from 2544933899. Said they were doing my husband's headstone and was verifying our dates. This had already been done.
  • +1-540-248-5926
    I received a text from this number stating "Your facebook account is reported for abuse, confirm your account here:" then it sent me a link to log in or sign up for facebook.
  • +1-202-255-1000
    Called back and got a recorded message. Poor guy! A fraudulent company has used caller id spoofing to have his number show up when calling you. He can't even use his phone [email protected]
  • +1-510-509-6318
    yes, officer kathy william from the IRS if i si not call back they werer taking legal action against me
  • +1-412-841-2902
    This number is on my FaceTime and I think it is a friend or relative. I am originally from Pittsburgh.
  • +1-917-856-3924
    Unknown number, call on 02/26/2017, 11:24 AM, did not pick up. Judging by the queries' timing, this is a spammer.
  • +1-251-490-7753
    I returned a missed call to this number, and the person who answered said "oh my god quit calling; I will kill your whole family" and hung up!
  • +1-619-549-2132
    Pa, i love you! ang sakit sakit isipin na naging tatay kita sa loob lang ng ilang araw. Mahal na mahal ka namen.
  • +1-217-766-5419
    His name is Jacob Akers he comes an fucks me when he's not wanting pussy from his wife I started a fight with the man of my now born child I'm not happy with just one cock My child's father almost caught me with Jacob's cock I'm my mouth I like the exciting thoughts of having more than 2 dicks when I want it...It's just sex to me...I'm constantly thinking of ways to fuck both them right after the other my pussy needs both at once..
  • +1-781-910-9823
    Solicates sexual acts. Looking for a professional escort at junkie street walker prices. Cheap and total time waster.
  • +1-847-401-2190
    Same ac/prefix as mine... Sure sign of a spammer... Multiple names come up that have no relation to me..Most likely a spoofed number
  • +1-321-284-5882
    I recieved a call from this number and, upon answering, immediately heard a beep (I speculate a recording device, but that could just be me) and no sound after. I waited for a response after saying hello several times until they hung up. Exactly 15 minutes after this, a different number called and the same thing happened.
  • +1-214-673-5196
    This number keeps calling me with my area code and my first 3 numbers but different last for numbers every time, I have numerous blocked variations of this call and its SUPER annoying. Probably a "robo" caller or a scammer. I got a similar call the other day that was claiming to have information about my credit card, so I stayed on the line and asked the "operator" which card is it that they are calling about? They said (in a thick accent) "Its the one with this highest amount due." I said, "Gee...I'm so glad you called me about this, because I DON'T HAVE A CREDIT CARD!" Then I hung up the phone and I keep getting other numbers same as this one. Like they are STILL TRYING my number to fish out a payday. MORONS. PLEASE BEWARE OUT THERE> ~Thanks!
  • +1-254-855-3370
    Spam number or Spam 'spoofing' this number. Automated call talking about 'Final Attempt' to reach me regarding my Credit Card... Never late on any bills and I don't live, nor have any accounts, in the area this number is located.
  • +1-773-582-9188
    Recorded message sad that my car warranty was going to expire. Claimed to have mailed me notifications and this was the last chance to respond. Did not mention a car dealer or use any proper nouns.
  • +1-510-509-6318
    I received a recording from 510-509-6318 saying they were Officer Kathy Williams from the IRS and I needed to call them back ASAP or they would take legal action against me. I called them back from another phone number and questioned them and they hung up on me.
  • +1-716-860-9426
    Caller has dialed using this number or almost identical numbers numerous times. Sometimes the caller leaves a garbled, static “message” but usually no message is left. Upon one call back, I got recorded classical music.
  • +1-231-557-2752
    This number keeps calling and never leaves a message. Thinking it must be a scam as I clearly state who you are reaching by my message so they should by now realize they have a wrong number if trying to reach someone.
  • +1-510-509-6318
    Did not answer the call. Voicemail was cutoff and said something about calling back their division at this number and then said "...dont try to delete this message and return the call as soon as possible or we will take legal against you." Blocked the number. Deleted message.
  • +1-513-382-5270
    Multiple calls and hang ups with no voicemail besides breathing into the microphone. Finally picked up in time and got a final notice on an offer to lower non existent credit card debt
  • +1-337-573-1261
    Got a call on my cell phone. I did not answer since I didn't recognize the number. They did not leave a voice mail. Call was from Youngsville, Louisiana.
  • +1-251-591-9091
    this is Jonathan Doe again, I finally got in tough with the people who have this number..........its ISIS.
  • +1-239-878-9253
    Person from this phone number sending iMessages/Google Hangouts asking my underage daughter to send full nude photos of herself.
  • +1-251-591-9091
    Yes, I have received many calls form this number at random times of the day and night. They will not answer back when I pick up the phone, they are interrupting my sleep and drinking time.......rude.
  • +1-937-270-5166
    Guy calls and leaves VM saying he is receiving many many calls from my number, that he is a police officer, and suggests I never call that number again. That he's going to turn my number in when he "gets to the station". I've never called that number. I did, however, call the police department after his VM and notified them of his somewhat threatening message. Amazing how weird and paranoid people are. Hope he dialed correctly because I actually work for the U.S. FEDERAL government!
  • +1-225-252-9113
    This person is running a scam through an artificial dialing system that eventually connects you to her cell. She has contacted me numerous times phishing for herself or her “company”. Do not buy or give her any personal information
  • +1-563-599-2238
    Someone called from this number. Very heavy foreign accent (Could be Indian, although I'm not sure.) Told me he was calling to check on my computer. I told him not to call again.
  • +1-512-922-3080
    This phone number is being used for recorded spam calls. I am reporting to Do Not Call but I'm sure it's probably one of those untraceable numbers. Not sure where the name information above came from but it's definitely a spammer.
  • +1-617-320-0100
    2 calls within one hour from this number. Allows 1 ring, then hangs up. It is a scam trying to get you to call back.
  • +1-312-420-9577
    Spoke about I won a vacation due to points at a resort I recently visited. I havn't been to a resort in over 5 years.
  • +1-541-619-3050
    Whoever owns this number is sending me rude , graphic text messages of a sexual nature. He first contacted me on Feb 9 and again on Feb 23. I do not find this fun. It is very offensive. Seems he is getting off while doing this. Do not know how to make him stop except to ignore .
  • +1-931-206-5075
    This individual called my daughters phone and threatened to kill her and her family, and that they would eat our souls.
  • +1-931-206-5075
    This individual called my daughters phone and threatened to kill her and her family, and that they would eat our souls.
  • +1-734-730-9229
    robo call received about 2:50pm Feb. 23, 2018. Device which was calling dropped the connection after 20 seconds without having given any audio. On first attempt to call back the line was dropped, or disconnected. The 2nd attempt resulting in something like "this number is not taking calls."